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Heat Recovery & Ventilation

See our range of leading ventilation performance products from Itho

  • Air to water heat pump with gas boiler for hot water from one unit
  • Vertical ground source heat exchanger
  • Whole house ventilation with heat recovery
  • DemandFlow ventilation systems for even greater energy savings and comfort
  • Domestic hot water storage
  • Shower water heat recovery units
  • Solar thermal systems

New Build

Do you have a Sustainable Energy Efficiency Measures Requirement?

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Water Saving Solutions

Up to 50% of mains water in the home can be saved

A rainwater Harvesting System can reduce the water consumption to 80 litres per person per day (systems will vary depending on the specification). Click here


Commercial PV

Benefit from
  • FREE Electricity
  • Inflation - linked returns, guaranteed by the government for the next 20 years
  • Lower carbon emissions, demonstrating your green credentials
  • Use roof space to generate a second income stream
  • Reduced Electric Bills and protection against any future price increases

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For Expert

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Code For Sustainable Homes

Whatever your Code Requirements we have the solution:
From Sheds, Cycling Shelters/ Storage, Drying Solutions, Water Butts, Garden Composters etc including Bird & Mammal Boxes.
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